VBR 2018 Committees

Interested in serving on a committee? Wondering what the committees are and how to join? Email Eric Bushnell @ or the Association Executive at

Affiliate Committee:   
The purpose of the committee is to give the affiliates a forum and means to express concerns and wishes for VBR and its affiliate members.

Bylaws Committee:  
Reviews proposed bylaws changes; Ensures bylaws are in accordance with NAR model documents. Meets periodically on an as-needed basis.

Education Committee:
Sets the education goals and schedule annually; Reviews new educational requirements; Schedules instructors; Develops scholarship program. Meets on an as-needed basis.

Grievance Committee:
Reviews ethics and grievance complaints; Serves as a grand jury to review complaints to either dismiss or forward complaints to the Professional Standards Committee for a hearing. Must have Professional Standards Training.

Honor Society (REALTOR® and Affiliate):
Reviews eligibility and applications for the Honor Society. Meets annually.

Hospitality Committee:  
Organizes the Annual Convention, Holiday Party and other events as requested (Parades, Emeritus, etc). Meets on a regular basis prior to events

Legislative Committee:  
Tracks legislative issues that affect the real estate industry; Offers recommendations for support of legislative issues; Conducts candidate interviews and offers recommendations on candidate support; Meets on an as-needed basis.

Mediation Committee:
Reviews mediation complaints; Facilitates mediation sessions; Conducts mediation training; Meets on an as-needed basis. Must have NAR mediation training.

Membership Committee: 
Conducts new member orientation each month; Helps new members understand NAR, AAR and VBR. Meets on a regular basis.

Nominations Committee: 
Solicits nominations for Board of Directors; Meets annually to review candidates and offer recommendations for nominations

Professional Standards: 
Reviews ethics and arbitration complaints; Conducts hearings; Ensures Board compliance with NAR’s recommendations. Meets on an as-needed basis. Must have Professional Standards Training

Establishes and schedules speakers for General Membership Meetings; introduces guest speakers each month. Attends the General Membership Meetings monthly.

Public Relations:    
To maintain and promote a positive image of VBR and the Value of REALTORS® in the community by planning and monitoring public relations activities. To utilizes social media outlets to distribute information to the public and other associations.

REALTOR® Party Action Committee (RPAC):  
Conducts fundraising for the Realtor Political Action Committee (RPAC)

Ways & Means: 
Collaborates and executes ideas, programs, and events that will generate non-dues revenue. The VBR Tour is one of the ways & means monthly events.

Young Professional Network: 
The Mat-Su Young Professionals Network was formed to bring the younger generation of real estate professionals to their community and industry. Where young is considered a state of mind not age!

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